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Saif Ali Khan reveals that he had a fake Instagram account and also the reason why he deleted it!

Saif Ali Khan was the first guest on Neha Dhupia’s chat show and he revealed that he had a fake account on Instagram and why he deleted it.He also reveals that he calls Kareena Kapoor, Mrs.Gram!

Neha Dhupia‘s chat show #NofilterNeha is back with another season. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Neha Dhupia recorded her show from home.

Saif Ali Khan was the first celebrity on the show and in the interview with Neha, he revealed why he will never join social media.

In the interview Saif says why he is not on social media and his wife, Kareena is a total opposite of it, and is often referred to as Mrs.Gram by Saif. Saif says  “Just because I’m not on social media doesn’t mean I don’t know what it is, for God’s sake. I actually was on it (Instagram) and I deleted it because I was finding it, again, I was getting irritated by toxic remarks and it’s taking too much of time and it’s making me frown and I don’t want to get annoyed so literally, Ignorance is bliss. It’s like why would you want to listen to all that. My wife, on the other hand, I think she’s Miss Instagram, Mrs. Gram!

Saif also revealed that he was on social media with a fake account. He told Neha “When I had my fake account, I called it Shakun Kothari.” Shakun Kothari is Saif’s on-screen name from Bazaar.

In the chat show, Saif also opened up about the negativity and trolling on social media. “Part of the evolution of the world is where things that you take for granted, which are wrong, get addressed. Whether it’s some kind of a, like not an obvious #MeToo kind of thing or even kind of sexual harassment at work or something, that may be in the ’60s was considered normal is now not acceptable. So, there is a constant evolving of morality and acceptance of the behaviour. So, maybe in about 10-20 years, people would say, oh trolling! Can you imagine there used to be trolling in those days where people would say whatever they want about people, maybe there will be cyber police where if you said a certain language or a thing and someone would knock on your door.” 

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